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About Me

My love of weaving grew from my wicker furniture restoration background which began in 1990 to 2000 in Berkeley California. Instantaneously my passion for craft and design was ignited!

The restoration of antique and contemporary wicker furniture ran the gamut from simple cane wrap replacements on the legs of chairs to full reweaves of chairs, tables, and planters etc. The blending of old to new finishes also became an important part of the restoration work. It was during the early 1990’s that I began teaching basketry as well.

A move to the Pacific Northwest in Spring of 2000 provided the opportunity to start making woven home furnishings from the ground up using my own designs. My work today is the culmination of 24 years ranging from woven restoration work to custom woven garment accents for a NYC fashion designer during Fashion Week Spring 2007.

I love the challenge involved in creating large, well balanced, beautiful shapes; functional and artistic. My projects flow from a variety of twining and plaiting techniques.

The weaving materials I use have not changed in decades. Reed, cane and whole rattan are treated with cellulose fiber dyes before the weaving process begins. A sanding and re-dying technique brings out the texture of the weave pattern. All my baskets are finished with a UV archival clear coat and a hand buffed wax finish is applied for luster.


2016 Artist Statement

My baskets are a culmination of 26 years of experience in working with weaving materials, finishes and the technical aspects involved in antique wicker restoration. I could not have made these baskets 10 years ago, my sense of form and design had not yet fully developed. It feels as if these designs, patterns and textural combinations have been waiting until now to emerge. My baskets represent the intersection of passion, competency and skill. Those valuable years of restoration have provided a strong love for quality design and structure that I bring to life through hard work, patience and a deep appreciation for the craft.


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